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PC HEAVEN® Customer Reviews

Real Reviews by Real People that you may know!


All reviews were emailed to us from customers after they wrote them.

Once posted, they are the copyright property of each website.

If you write a review, copy and email it to us so we may post it, thank you.


 George Brueggeman, Westlake Village

Brian just did a great job in saving my work laptop from a severe virus. He removed it without any of my files being impacted. Brian did a very professional job with fast turnaround that respected my need to get the laptop back to work.


 Peter Chmelir, Camarillo

Corrrected/repaired computer from the "blue screen of death".  Added a wireless capability and connected my new printer to the wireless network. Brian Whyte was extremely professional, knowledgable and quick to diagnose and repair the problem.  I simply showed him the "blue screen of death" and he corrected the issue and made the necessary software repairs to my computer.  While he was performing the tasks which was taking a bit longer than anticipated, he called his next client to let them know he would be a few minutes late.  I really like his friendly demeanor and pleasant attitude.  He answered all my questions in a very respectful and professional manner.  I'd highly recommend PC Heaven for any of your computer problems.


 Janis & Mark Flippen, Camarillo

Owner, Brian Whyte came out to my office to fix a number of issues I was having with my computer.  When I made with the appointment with Brian, he asked what the issues were and I was so impressed that he had that list with him when he came out, marking each one off as he fixed the problem.  Brian was so easy to work with.  He explained exactly what the problem was and how he was resolving it.  He also installed a back-up program on my computer and explained exactly how to use it.  He fixed a pop-issue on my computer that other computer consultants were unable to do.  I am so happy to find a professional and knowledgeable computer consultant that I can call on  to remedy any problems I am having.  I will definitely be calling on him again! It went extremely well -- from start to finish.  He fixed everything that needed to be done and more!

 Joy & Ted Burgess, Leisure Village, Camarillo

Actually came a day early due to change in schedule. A nice surprise, made me feel very comfortable in spite of the fact that I am not a computer pro. Appreciated his non technical answers & explanations. PC cleaned, tuned, turned off hibernate, got rid of error message.


 Shawn Terris, Ventura

You will not find a better PC Repair company than PC Heaven.  Why?  Because Brian, the owner and only technician, is honest, an expert, charges less than market rate, and always leaves your home with your PC fixed in less time than other PC repair companies I used.  As a former Marine Corps officer, I have very high standards.  He really does return your call during working hours within 5 minutes!  The longest I had to wait for him to come to my home was 24 hours.  And, he answers all of my PC related questions while he's working.  Do not waste your money with Geek Squad or any other PC repair company as I did.  Once I found PC Heaven 4 years ago, I haven't used anybody else.


 Carolyn Corpolongo, Leisure Village, Camarillo 

Brian returned my call promptly. The appointment was set for the next day. He was on time and best of all had me up an running in an hour. Brian conducts himself in a very professional manner.


 John Frederick, Lake Sherwood 

Brian at PC Heaven...what can you say?  For one thing Brian is a one of a kind.  In no other business or enterprise does a phone call for help receive a reply within five minutes.  Brian shows up on time, sets to work as he explains to a computer illiterate what the problem is and what he is going to do about it. Then he does it. Rates are fair, service top notch...would not think of going anywhere else!

 Glenda Grant, Calabasas     

Great Service. I have been a client of PC Heaven/Brian Whyte for about 9 years. There's a good reason he is the only computer company I use for all of my tech needs. He is reliable, knowledgeable, and always a pleasure to deal with. You can count on a call back right away and know that your problem will be solved. I've never had an issue that Brian couldn't fix.I have used PC Heaven for many years. Top computer expert, Brian has handled a great assortment of problems for me over the years. My last problem was a computer virus - a time for panic for sure. But I shouldn't have worried because Brian took care of everything, as usual. Can't go wrong with PC Heaven.

 Betty Quist, Oxnard 

Brian at PC Heavens has been the one who keeps my PC running.  Before I retired I worked as a COBOL applications programmer for an IBM but I was not attuned to the smaller PCs.  On my home computes I worked with the applications but didn't have a clue as to what went on inside the new laptop I purchased.  So I called Brian to set it up, and since then he has solved any problems I've had. Brian comes out quickly or helps me solve a simple problem by phone. He admits when he doesn't know what causes something and usually it is something dumb I have done. I trust Brian and highly recommend him. 


 Shannon Harding, Woodland Hills

I am a Real Estate agent and the computer is essential to any business and livelihood. I had ordered an online "fix" for my computer to help with its speed and efficiency. Well soon afterwards my computer started to freeze up and actually turns itself off.

I turned to Angie's List hoping I could find someone to fix my computer and at a reasonable price. I found Brian Whyte of PC Heaven. I saw that as part of his marketing he stated "No Fix, No Fee", that pledge plus all the positive reviews on his website, made me feel comfortable in calling him for help. He immediately returned my call and scheduled his visit.

He arrived early for the appointment and calmly started to working no time at all my computer was fixed, tuned, and running better than ever. He gave me a few pointers for the future and talked me through what he had done. I highly recommend Brian Whyte / PC Heaven and intend to pass on his name and number  to all my friends and associates.


 Stephen Jancovich, Thousand Oaks 

PC Heaven is Great! Fast, friendly, knowledgeable, honest, fair-minded. We recently had water damage to our home, which meant all our furniture had to be removed, everything dried out, new carpet installed, etc. When it was time to "pack" everything back in, as Service Master called it, things went well until it was time to restore our home computer system back to normal.

Well, after three hours of trying, I finally convinced the "expert" sent to do the job that I knew someone who could fix our system. They agreed to let me call Bryan at PC Heaven to do the job and they would reimburse me for his work. Well, Bryan came, and within 45 minutes he had our computers running perfectly!

It is such a relief to have Bryan available when trouble arises! He is fast, friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. And most of all, HONEST.

 Rafaela Galvves, Thousand Oaks 

Thank God, for PC Heaven, I call on Sunday morning left a message, that I need help with my computer, and in five minute, he return my phone call, he arrived to my house in 30 minutes, to make the story short, in about 2 hours my laptop was up and running. Yes I will call him again, and again. He know what he is doing and I really appreciate. Again Thank God for PC Heaven.


 Terry Kierzek, Agoura Hills

A Professional, Brian Whyte provided outstanding service when I needed computer repair. I would highly recommend Brian and PC Heaven, I am no longer going through hell with my desktop. Brian is very professional, knowledgeable and talented enough to recover my data at a reasonable price. If you should fine yourself needing expert help, he is the man to call.

 Mike Suter, Port Hueneme 

PC Heaven. Speed, accuracy, honesty, I would recommend PC Heaven to a friend. As a professional musician, I’ve worked as a composer/arranger for almost 50 years. For the first 30+ years I did everything by hand. It wasn’t uncommon for it to take more than 100 hours to write and then copy all the parts to a piece of music. That’s just how it was done.

In the late 1980s I got my first Macintosh computer and Finale™ music notation program (standard equipment in the music biz). They’ve been a wonderful time-saver, easily cutting the creative process by more than half! But those early Mac’s were somewhat fragile. Especially while running Finale. To complicate the issue, I have an ongoing medical condition that makes even the easiest of computer problems seem unsolvable. Because of this I’d occasionally lose an entire piece of music. A simple program installation - or even an upgrade - usually requires assistance. In other words, I depend on repair techs more than most people. And finding a competent Mac repair tech was a difficult proposition at best.

I’ve kissed plenty of frogs. But about nine years ago I got lucky. I had just suffered through yet another Mac “expert” who disassembled my computer, then sat staring at the parts for a long time before admitting he didn’t know what to do next. After I sent this latest “expert” packing, I set about finding someone - anyone - who could at least re-assemble the pile of parts that was so necessary to my livelihood.

Searching through the Yellow Pages I saw a listing for PC Heaven. I must admit I’d passed on it previously because of the name: PC Heaven, not PC & MAC Heaven. But facing a deadline with my computer in pieces, I called the number anyway and got a recorded message - oh goody. Another interminable delay waiting for this Brian guy to return my call. Sure, the tape said five minutes. But we all know that wasn’t gonna happen. But it did!

Four minutes later my phone rang! It was the owner, Brian Whyte. After I explained my problem he made arrangements to come by the next day. He showed up on time and within minutes had located and corrected the problem.

No bait & switch. No mumbo jumbo computer jargon. He just located and corrected the problem. I’ve used PC Heaven since that day - almost nine years. Through four computers and many “unsolvable” problems (that got fixed) Brian has always been there for my wife, Liz, and I. I recommend PC Heaven without reservation.

 Ruthie ‎Smith, Thousand Oaks 

I called PC Heaven at 7:50 Monday morning due to a suspected virus on my PC. Within the hour, Bryan returned my call and we made an appointment for the same day. He was punctual, professional, courteous, and totally efficient with an impressive knowledge of system operations. My computer issues were handled to my complete satisfaction. I highly recommend PC Heaven!


 James Ebert, Oak Park 

As busy real estate professional, I depend on my computer in busy & time-sensitive settings. For over a decade, Brian has been my main liaison for me and for my family, keeping the ship running efficiently & tuned up. When computer disasters strike, as they do from time to time, his calm and comprehensive approach gives me faith that we can be back and running at top speed in minimum time. I really am thankful for his ability to re-arrange his own scheduling to help me at highly critical times. I recommend him to all my colleagues and neighbors, for network, computer, software, and mobile applications.  


 Al Chaite, Westlake Village 

I depend on my contact with Brian to get me out of the sometimes unmanageable difficulties that my, computer is heir to. He has always responded to my call with promptness, courtesy and with absolute competence. I would not let anyone else work on my computer.


 Harmony Paticoff, Oak Park 

Our family has been using PC Heaven for nearly a decade. Brian and his staff are always prompt with returning phone calls and appointment times. They have saved our PCs and Macs (desktops and laptops) on many occasions. There isn't anyone else we would trust with our computers.


 Danielle Chiapuzio, Camarillo 

I use Brian for any computer work I may need, no questions asked. I never search around looking for deals or new companies, simply because he is trustworthy, does a great job and I feel very comfortable with him in my home. Sometimes it can be hard to find somebody with such qualities. Lastly, Brian is always on time and even gives a courtesy call to let you know he is on his way. I plan to use PC Heaven for years to come!


 Carl Belknap, Thousand Oaks

PC Heaven: We have used PC Heaven for several years. Brian is always on time, gets the work done in a timely manner, & most importantly, gets our computer problem fixed.


 Pat & Ed Faley, Westlake Village 

Brian Whyte: We have used PC Heaven for several years and have always been satisfied with the promptness and service we have received. Brian does a great job and always goes beyond the expected.


 Randy Adams, Simi Valley 

Brian did a great job. Tuned up two HP computers. He arrived on time and did an outstanding job. The service was excellent. I have since called Brian with a minor computer issue and he walked me though a repair over the phone.


 Vic Degutis, Newbury Park 

I called Brian to set up my new dell computer and wireless copier. Arrived on schedule 8:00am. explained that my neighbor attempted to set up and could not do the job. No problem per Brian. He immediately worked on the computer clearing un-needed data and explained they system to me. It took him only minutes to hook up the printer/fax/scan. When finished he took out all the excess wires and tied the new wires under my desk. Now my cleaning lady can clean under my desk. It is really great to get a expert who knows what he's doing, reasonable charges and friendly. Thanks for a great job.        


 Carolin ‎Migliazzo, Caremaster Insurance, Camarillo 

Brian keeps our small business computers up and running smoothly. He has always responded quickly when we need him. He is an honest guy and does great work. No need to look elsewhere for computer repairs.


 Cathy Helms, Newbury Park 

The owner, Brian was the technician that came to my home on time and ready to work. He is extremely knowledgeable about all types of computers and how to fix them when they are corrupted. Brian is always on time, nicely dressed and professional. He is very knowledgeable and multitasks well. He is a pleasure to call, take your call promptly and gets to you quickly. I will not have anyone else touch my computers ever. He got rid of all kinds of stuff that I didn't need on my computer (stuff my children had put on) and automated my backup to my external hard drive. He also made great suggestion on what type of security program to use and set it up for me so I no longer have any worries about viruses and security issues. For a non computer savy gal he was just what the Doctor ordered... :)


 George Eckland, Med Pro, Inc, Thousand Oaks 

I did not have time today to write a full testimony but did want to say that your work on our computers to restore the Wi-Fi connections to the internet was greatly appreciated and very effective. We have been very happy with your services. Thanks again.


 Roger Meyers, Westlake Village 

A comment about the speed and accuracy of PC Heavens service.

You pay for what you get and Brian proves that everytime by being on time, fast, and services my equipment  totally to my satisfaction.

He takes time to talk with me and lets me know what is done and puts in place preventive measures so that I will not have future problems of the same nature.

His expertise goes beond computers to routers(wifi) and roku installions that work right the first time and everytime thereafter.

Use him once and you will agree he is a bargin in his knowledge.


 Jackie Jackson, Thousand Oaks 

Brian Whyte of PC Heaven has been to my home at least 4 times and he is always on time and has given me excellent service on each occasion and answered all of my questions which to some knowledgeable pc persons might have seemed silly.

He came today because after a 2 hr. stint I could not get the print cartridges in my HP Printer and he was very patient and explained the procedure to me even though a year ago or so I did this procedure.

He also checked my entire computer and did a tune-up what was necessary to bring it up to a reliable level as it is 3 yrs old. No matter what I call him for he has always done this and it has impressed me very much with his vast knowledge and the same thing as I never feel he loses patience with me or thinks my questions are trivial as I am sure some of them are.

Another thing that means allot to me and I imagine to many others is his prompt answer to the phone call and no recorded voices to talk to which drive you crazy when trying to get a service.

On one call I made to Brian he told me what to do on the phone and a service call was not needed. I maybe repeating myself but I have great faith in his knowledge and skill and want to retain him for all my pc services as long as I can.


 Ranallo Allyson, Newbury Park 

I've relied on PC Heaven for several years now and find Brian to be punctual, reliable and most importantly, quick to make time to resolve your computer issues.


 Jack McGee, Thousand Oaks 

Upside down and Out of Sync. After deleting some old files that I thought were not of any use, I realized I had dismissed some functions that would not allow me to operate Windows or even get into my computer. I called Brian and thought quote to be a bit too hight. When I checked out the competition, his rate was actually reasonable.

The next morning, Bryan was at my door and he got the computer back into service within a reasonable time. I was satisfied, and Brian assured me if I had any more difficulties to call him. I did have difficulties. Because of my own lack of technical understanding and skill I needed a bit of remote coaching. Brian led me through it all in the following days as needed.

Then two weeks later, I hit a mystery button on the keyboard and my screen literally went "upside down"; frustrated I called Brian. He laughed out loud because that particular problem hadn't come up in a long time. Within five minutes he "righted the ship" and I am back in business.

Bryan stays available after the service and is a good friend to know; he provides support after the problem and you can trust him to be fair.


 Jim P., Simi Valley

Used Bryan twice, and both times he showed up on time. He determined the problem and told me what had to be done. He fixed the problem and was done in a minimal amount of time. I would use him again without question.


 Sharron Russell, Oak Park 

Honest and On Time. Always returns phone calls promptly! I recently moved my small office and had PC Heaven dismantle and reassemble it. Brian was on time and made several updates to the system as he did the set up. Happy customer for several years.


 Linda Brooks, Camarillo 

PC Heaven. Brian is very professional and has helped me three times with my computer. He returned my calls in a prompt manner and I would recommend him to anyone who is having problems with their computer, printer, viruses, and is concerned that you understand what the problem was and how he fixed it.


 Homer Middaugh, Oxnard 

The service you provided is outstanding. I had recently changed computers from Dell to Apple and was confused by the new format. I asked several computer friends but they were unable to assist me. Then I found PC Heaven in the Yellowpages and called for a appointment. He came out and In less than an hour Brian  answered all my questions . I have recommended his service to all my friends.Thank You.


 Kim Moore-Mestas,  Westlake Village 

Computer Genius. Brian is a genius when it comes to computers.....and for me, that is a blessing! Brian consulted with me regarding an older computer which had crashed and retrieved data and transferred everything to another computer. Everything was done efficiently and with great care! Thanks're the best!


 Melodye Warshauer, Calabasas 

Computer Repair. I have been working with Brian for several years and would recommend him highly. There has never been a computer problem he could not fix in a timely manner. He is prompt, personable and very knowledgeable.


 Mike Fletcher, Westlake Village 

As usually Brain rescued me again, knows his stuff, would not recommend anybody but Brian, Thanks Brian.


 Richard Dorman, Thousand Oaks

He came to my residence on time and was thorough in terms of the service provided. Re established my internet connection and fine tuned my computer with the latest updates!! I have been using Brians services for approximately 14 years, and I have always found his work to be outstanding, and at a fair price!! He has many years of experience so that is easy to communicate your particular problem without being a "computer guru" yourself. I highly recommend Brian for computer problems both large and small.


 Cindy Norris, Thousand Oaks 

Brian at PC Heaven is very helpful and knowledgeable. He figures out the problem and gets the repair done, without taking his customers through a maze of "it may be this , or that". I also know that if I have questions after my repair , that he is happy to answer my questions on the phone if possible without sounding as if I am bothering him! Nice ,professional and reliable.


 Barbara McEvoy, Camarillo 

I am not much of a testimonial writer but I would like you to know that I was very pleased with your response and fix of my computer and will definitely call on you again when the need arises the next time.


 Glenn Sanders, Camarillo

PC Heaven - Way Above and Beyond the others. This is the forth time Ive used PC Heavens services. Brian arrived on time, he removed my information from a 4 year old computer I wanted to donate to charity. He left necessary information on the computer to enable the new owner to transfer their information.

Meantime my son in law was having trouble installing equipment purchased from Frys. The $79 wireless modem wouldnt transmit upstairs to the receiver for Netflix. Brian to the rescue. He obtained a $29 unit from his car and with his help problem solved. And Brian also gave us the receipt from his purchase and does not mark-up the price of any parts supplied.


 George Brueggeman, Haynes Manuals, Westlake Village

Bryan White/PC Heaven high recommendation. I've used Bryan's help both with work computer issues and home computer problems. He is a class act. Very professional, prompt, no baloney computer jargon, effective with his work and reasonable in his pricing. He is our "go to guy" for computer problems. I know others at my job have also called him for home computer issues and they rate him highly as well.


 Cindy Norris, Westlake Village

A Comfort to have PC Heaven to the rescue. It is amazing,when you find a company who does what they say and exceeds expectations. On time, prompt, courteous, and solved all of our problems and discovered solutions to help us run our small business more efficiently. I will recommend Brian at PC Heaven If you want personal service with a company that follows up and cares about your satisfaction, call PC Heaven!


 John Welker, Port Hueneme

When I was a kid (a really long time ago) it was possible to fool around with your car and do a lot of the maintenance yourself. But as years went on, cars got more complicated, and the smartest thing a person could do was not to raise the hood, but to take the car to a qualified mechanic and have the work done by a pro. After all, the mechanic didn't do my job for himself in his spare time, and I shouldn't try to do his. It would cost a lot more in the long run.

The same is even more true for computers. There is no way an average user can keep up with all of the advances that have been made, and trying to do adjustments yourself will only add to the problems. Computer maintenance is best left to a professional, and I recommend PC Heaven. Brian comes to our home, which eliminates the need to unplug components and transport them to a shop. Having the components together also enables Brian to determine where the problem actually is. His repairs and adjustments have been efficient and timely, and have kept my system up and running.


 Steven Ryan, Oxnard

Brian is super knowledgeable very easy to deal with and honest, all traits which are so pleasant in today's world. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs computer work


 Ben Green, Westlake Village

PC Heaven comes to your house or place of business. I have been a customer of PC Heaven for over 15 years. Whenever I have a problem with my computer I always call Bryan. He returns my call within a few minutes, shows up on time, and most of all solves whatever computer problem I am having. I recommend him highly.


 Michael Furillo, Thousand Oaks‎

After being hit with a virus, I contacted a computer tech who took over my computer for over 3 hours and claimed the problem was resolved. However, I had more problems after this than when I started. Then I remembered Brian at PC Heaven. Brian came to the house and did his magic. Not only did he find and remove the virus, he restored my computer to perfect working order. He then took the time to ensure that all my programs were up-to-date (which they were not) and proceeded to bring them to date including internet explorer. I will never utilize any other service but PC Heaven.


 Kevin Fee, Agoura Hills

PC Heaven Is Extraordinary! Highly experienced, skilled and professional. I hired Brian from PC Heaven to fix what turned out to be a complicated problem with my work - from - home PC. He was the most knowledgeable and professional computer technician I have ever worked with! Although it took him over 3 hours to save my PC, he only charged for the 1 hour estimate. If you have any computer related service needs, call this company!!!


 Statia Foresti, Oak Park ‎

We have used this service a few times and each time, we have been completely satisified. Brian has been punctual, and returns calls right away. I would use them again, and refer them to more friends and family! Thanks Brian! 


 Kay Trietsch, Agoura Hills 

As usual, Bryan came in with his usual "whip and chair" methods to vanquish my computer "demons". I've never been disappointed in the service from PC Heaven. From chaos to tranquility in my tiny office. Cyber-harmony has been restored once again, and there is Peace in the land. Professionalism and competence are hard to come by today, but PC Heaven fills the bill completely, NEVER disappoints!


 Glenda Grant, Calabasas 

Simply The Best. Brian to the rescue again! I was on the phone for two hours with AOL. They didn't solve the problem and in fact I had more issues after the call. So I called Brian and said "help." Brian came and solved the problems. It's so nice to have an expert in their field that shows up when they say and is always pleasant. Of course, I have been a client of Brian's for 9 years so I've been spoiled.


 Carol Freeman, Thousand Oaks 

Continuing customer. Local; convenient times from 7am - 7pm. knowledge of all systems; trouble shooting. Over the last 4-5 years we have contacted PC Heaven multiple times for serious problems with computers and also transfer of data to new systems. Each time, response is quick and friendly plus and most importantly problems solved. On the rare occasion a follow up is needed, it has been done at no expense. Brian is a man of his word and makes things right. He also will give advice to avoid unnecessary expense of systems etc.


 Minta Morze, Newbury Park 

Sometimes people have trouble finding my address, and I really appreciated it when Brian Whyte checked to make sure of how to get to me so he would be on time. He was not only on time, but he was friendly and cheerful, and immediately eased my concern about my computer. I plan to have him come out a few times a year to make sure my computers keep running optimally, and I would highly recommend his service to everyone.


 Maxine Schreul, Camarillo 

Brian is very good and takes time to take care of all the problems. He had to come back but did not charge for the extra time. He on time and always calls before he arrives. I would certainly use him again if needed. I would also recommend him to my friends. Thanks Brian.


 Sue P., Moorpark

I am so glad that we found PC HEAVEN at I called them and they returned my call within 3 minutes exactly as they state they will. Brian showed up early, which was amazing, and was able to perform a data recovery on our Dell laptop and recovered all of our families vacation pictures that I had not had a chance to backup. Then they installed a new hard drive and we were back in business. They also reinstalled all our software, including a free antivirus program to help protect us from trojan viruses. We have said goodbye to the Geek Squad for computer repair forever. I highly recommend these guys to anyone who needs computer support. Thank You PC HEAVEN.


 Gus Gougas, Simi Valley 

I used Bryan Whyte services for my laptop.  I found him to be VERY professional, knowledgeable and my PC is now running a lot better.  I would HIGHLY recommend Brian's company.


 John ‎W., Canoga Park

I was very pleased with the results Brian achieved by cleaning up our desktop and adding RAM. In fact, it works so well I have been working on it constantly since he left to catch up on what I couldn't do before. We are hooked. We recommend PC Heaven for all your computer service needs!


 Jerry Monroe, Camarillo 

I called PC Heaven to set up my new computer. Brian arrived at the scheduled time and performed his majic and answered all my questions as I am a non tech guy. I would recommend Brian to anybody who has technical problems that need attention.


 Betty Quist, Oxnard 

Brian came out to set up my new laptop in 2010 and I have been hooked ever since. When I have a question I can call. He either gives me a short answer or comes out to solve the problem. I usually have lots of questions written down to take full advantage of his knowledge when he is here and he is glad to answer them. Brian is always on time and calls to let me know he is on his way. I would be lost without him. I have already recommended him to two of my friends.


 Dennis ‎M., Westlake Village

Hiring Brian makes sense because he can id problems with great ease. His skill is priceless and his patience with non techies is appreciated. Well worth his cost to find quick solutions to our tech problems.


 Mat Kibel, Newbury Park 

Honest, fast and reliable. The best of the best. Once again Bryan stepped up to the plate. When i had a start up problem with my laptop Bryan was there to solve the issue. accept no substitutions, PC Heaven is the best.


 Wendy Thomas for Bruce Thomas, Camarillo 

I called PC Heaven to fix a problem with my elderly father's computer. Bryan came on time, found and fixed the problem quickly. His prices were fair and most importantly he was kind and respectful to my father. I would definitely use his services again should the need arise.


 Richard Habib, Thousand Oaks‎ 

Reliable, knowledgable,reasonable and punctual. You can't ask for more! Highly recommended.


 Dave Germann, Thousand Oaks 

Tremendous when you find someone who does what they say and exceeds expectations. On time, prompt, courteous, and solved all of our problems and discovered solutions to help us run more efficiently. We tell all our business associates and friends that this is a true find. Brian and PC Heaven are AWESOME!


 Carol and Dave Freeman, Thousand Oaks

PC Heaven Best Ever. We have used PC Heaven almost since computers were invented, well actually since 2003. We aren't big super users but in the 3 times Bryan has responded to our request we feel like we are his favorite loyal customer. Being moderate to low computer skilled folks we rely on Bryan's honesty, guidance and patience. He goes beyond expectations for helpful hints, including gardening. I refer anyone who asks to Bryan and they report the same service. Don't forget he also will connect DVRs, and other such irritating devices.


 John S., West Hills

Glad we found PC Heaven here on the internet. Brian White did a great job. Our 3 pc's are now working fast like when new. I would tell anyone to call them. Brian is easy to talk with about geek things that I don't understand.


 John DiPisa, Thousand Oaks 

Computer review recommendation. I highly recommend PC Heaven to anyone that requires computer repair. I received PC repair service from PC Haven on Jun 30, 2011. We scheduled an appointment time in which he showed up on time. He spent approximately two hours repairing the problem I had with my computer. He made necessary repair and adjustments to my satisfaction and charged a reasonable rate. My computer now operates to my needs thanks to Mr. Brian Whyte, PC Heaven. Here is how I made contact with PC Heavan; I went online on search engine and typed, Computer Repair Thousand Oaks. Of all the computer repair references I LUCKILY chose PC Heaven.


 Jim Petersen, Thousand Oaks‎ 

PC Heaven is Great! They by far, one of the most professional, knowledgable, and curteous technologists that I have had the pleasure to work with. I have worked many IT professionals over the years. I would highly recommended PC Heaven to anyone needing their services.


 Steven Skolnick, Oak Park 

I've been a PC Heaven customer for the past several years and I continue to remain satisfied with their professionalism and ability to solve my computer woes. But more importantly, Brian has a great knack of calming the anxieties I experience when my computer goes on the fritz! His responsiveness in returning my phone calls and response time in making the service call has never disappointed me. You really can't appreciate the work Brian does until you experience having to use another repair service (no names). I was forced to do that one year when Brian was on vacation. What a horrific experience. Never again. PC Heaven has a loyal customer here and I would wholeheartedly recommend PC Heaven for any of your computer's needs


 Betty Quist, Oxnard 

Brian of PC Heaven has been fixing my computer for a couple years now. He comes on time and does those little extra things that help me stay up and running. Best of all, he will answer my questions if I call inbetween service calls. And, he comes to the house. I depend upon him.


 Lois Fabian, Moorpark 

Your service was so very prompt and on time!! That is so important. You were very efficient and very knowledgeable. It was amazing to observe you working how every thing fell into place. All my questions were answered understandably answered and you had a great deal of patience with my 'elderly' mind!. Such a pleasurable service. Thank you again and for helping with our car garage door opener. You are a man of many talents and willing to share!!


 Lynn P,. Hidden Hills

Brian is a big help. He comes out on time and fixes the problem within an hour usually. He answers questions by phone or email.


 Mary Harris, Thousand Oaks

For the second time now, Brian (Owner of PC Heaven) has saved us from ourselves. We needed someone like him to come and straighten out our mess and get us up and working again. Retrieved all our files and setup new hard drive. The frustration/anxiety levels are nil now. He is so experienced and knowledgable he makes it look easy, but we all know better!!!!!!!!


 Roya Furmuly, Moorpark 

Brian was great! He took the time to make sure all was okay with my laptop. After he left I had some issues and called him. He called back right away and walked me through what to do. It is great to have found him! I will rely on him for any computer problem from here on! While he was here, he even helped with my garage opener. :) Thanks, Brian!


 Greg Antoniono, Thousand Oaks 

Desktop computer was on the fritz! Power would not go on.  I called Brian to come out and take a look. Brian from PC Heaven came to my house and quickly diagnosed my computer's problem - a blown power supply - and replaced the power supply.  The power supply was provided with no mark up, and Brian produced the receipt, which he gave to me.  And then he proceeded to perform a tune up at no extra charge.  He then retested the computer, checked the printer and, within short order, he was done.  Quick, professional, efficient - what more can you ask for, and all for a reasonable price.  Thanks!


 Gerald Hall, Thousand Oaks 

Thank you Brian for your quick response to our problem. I never dreamed that you would be able to come the very same day I called. You got right to the problem and resolved it quickly; the system is functioning wonderfully now. You can be sure that we will recommend your services to friends and relatives. Thanks again for your help and we will call on you again in the future.


 Glenn Sanders, Camarillo 

Punctual, courteous, efficient. Super service!. I have used the big box store repair department and a local Camarillo repair service--and I was unhappy with both of them (based on attitude and service). Highly recommend Mr. Whyte for any home service. He accomplishes what you want him to do and gives great advice.


 Mary Harris, Thousand Oaks 

Life Saver. Local, comes to the home. Life as I know it came to an abrupt halt with a major computer malfunction. However, Biran put me back on track. With courteous, efficient service and as a result of his expertise everything is back to normal or better!!!! He is definitely my "go to guy" from now on.


 Glenda Grant, Calabasas 

Long Time Customer. I have used PC Heaven for years and have never been disappointed with their service. My most recent service call turned out to be a bit problematic in finding a solution - but I never really worried because Brian always finds a solution. I particularly like that I always get a call giving me an update on their arrival time - almost always on time and on that rare occasion that he is running a few minutes late you are never left wondering when he will arrive. Courtesy and great service. What more can you ask for.


 Ruthie ‎Smith, Thousand Oaks 

I unhesitatingly recommend PC Heaven. Bryan is prompt, courteous, and so knowledgeable. After our first wonderful experience with Bryan tuning up my computer, we had him come out to work on other other PC. Again, our second experience with him simply reinforced that Bryan's number is definitely one you need to have in your Rolodex!!!


 Robert Hammer, Thousand Oaks 

Have enjoyed using their service many times. They are always: on time; reasonably priced; experienced in virtually everything we need; and enjoyable to do business with. A rare find! Thanks PC HEAVEN!


 ‘Outlaw’, Woodland Hills

I have used Brian's services several times in the past year, would not think of having anybody else work on my computer. His service is excellent, prompt and priced fairly


 Carl & Esther Belknap, Thousand Oaks 

Brian's company has been setting up our computers & fixing our mostly user related problems for several years. We can recommend his comnpany very highly.


 Ren'e Fedyna, Camarillo 

We have had many disappointments from computer repair people and were concerned that we would be disappointed with Brian because we called him out of the yellow pages and knew nothing about him. But we were very pleased, he said he could complete the work within an hour and he kept his word. He came promptly, worked efficiently and was very pleasant to work with, I recommend him highly and will definitely use his services again.


 Joe Brazier, Agoura Hills 

Consistently excellent and reliable service!!!! We have been relying on PC Heaven since March, 2004, for our computers (presently 3 desktops and 1 laptop). They are reliable, courteous, punctual, knowledgeable, and honest.  They are also available on short notice when computer emergencies arise. They definitely warrant their work. It is very reassuring to have this group available to us when we need expertise beyond our own. We recommend them highly for any kind of computer expertise or technical support.


 Edie Jancouich, Thousand Oaks‎ 

Wow, an honest repair person who knows what he is doing! We were having major problems with our home computer network and Brian, within a few minutes, solved our problem, and in fact gave us excellent advice on how we could improve our system at a very minimal cost. He guaranteed his work, and even after we discovered that he was actually a neighbor to us around the corner, he said, "You know where I live if you have a problem with the work I did.: I would highly recommend calling upon him for any computer problem.


 Maurcia Martin, Thousand Oaks‎ 

I have been a customer of PC Heaven since '03 and contiunue to be very pleased with how Brian takes care of all 5 of my family's computers. Service is prompt and if it is some small fix, Brain will talk you through it by phone, If he tries to do a major repair, and can't there really is no charge for the time spent. I recommend them to anyone who says they need someone reliable to the computers in their home...and especially don't feel like talking to India! Haven't been disapointed yet and don't think I will at this point.


 Cheryl Nevarez, Camarillo 

Thank you, Bryan. I have had Bryan come to my house about 4 or 5 times within the past 5 years or so. Bryan is very trustworthy, efficient and gets the job done. I am no computer expert so it is really a blessing to find someone like Bryan White. Thanks, Cheryl Nevarez


 Jeff Turk, Newbury Park 

Top notch service. Knowledge, patience, experience. PC Heaven has been handling the computers for my appraisal business for years. They are the only firm I trust to handle my computers. I strongly recommend this firm.


 Joe Silvia, Thosand Oaks

Bryan saved the day for me. The last vendor I used was decent, but took too long to return my calls and made me feel like I had somehow inconvenienced him. Sick of being disrespected, I called PC Heaven and I am happily surprised. Great customer service and follow-up. Bryan has set the bar very high (and the other guys make it too hard to give them my money). Many thanks again.


 Joe Brazier, Agoura Hills 

Quick and efficient Available and pleasant to deal with!


 Harry Ozar, Oak Park 

Always good work. Always quick to respond. A definate recommend.


 Carol Livingston, Agoura Hills

The ABSOLUTE BEST referral I ever got! Response time is within minutes and appointments are set immediately. Brian is prompt, efficiant, extremely knowledgable. I'll never use anyone else!


 Shannon Popeil, Calabasas

Brian is an amazing computer guru.. he can fix anything electronic from any computer to a garage door a person, he is trust worthly beyond a doubt. he's an amazing man as well as amazing computer fixeruper. when you have a doubt about anything, call brian!!


 Larry Lutz, Thousand Oaks 

PC Heaven did an excellent job of getting my router up and running properly. I can now watch Netflix instantly!


 Roger Meyers, Westlake Village 

Brian responds to calls in five minutes and resolves problems within a day. Fast, efficient, and effective with a wealth of knowledge about electronics. Provides service over and above what is paid for.


 James Ebert, Oak Park‎ 

I do very critical work with my computer systems, and for the last 10 years, have been very pleased with Mr. Whyte and his skills. He has saved me time and money many times, and is ready to take a minute to review items, even by phone, on a moments notice. I always recommend them to everyone.


 Ken Ferber, Westlake Village 

I just got an opinion from PC Heaven about three weeks ago. I did not use their services. I had a problem with my computer. He could have told me to bring it over and he did not. He asked me how old was the computer and so I told him it was five years old. He told me that he can fix it and he will charge me too for fixing it but again he said he won’t fix it because I need a new computer. He said that you can’t run the software that I’m running on this computer. I had a really good experience with him. I was referred to him. He was very honest about the problems with my computer. I had my computer checked by Apple and they said exactly the same thing. He could have made money on me but he didn’t. He didn’t do any work for me. I just interacted with him. He basically saved me money. He said at five years you’re pretty much done with your computer. There’s nothing more to do to wrap it up. He was honest and I had two other people confirm it. Integrity is most important than anything else. I would absolutely use his services again in the future.


 Jim ‎E., Ventura

Best Computer Repair Service! We have been customers of pc heaven for 8 years and they have never lets us down. They always call back quickly, come out the same day and fix our pc and apple problems. Brian is the best! Thx.


 Susan K., Simi Valley

These reviews are why we contacted PC Heaven. I got a call back in 2 minutes, just like they promised. Called on their way to our office, arrived 5 minutes early and fixed all of our problems! Brian worked really quick to find our lost files and fix other email and network problems. They will be the only pc repair company we will be using from now on!


 Ed Rosa, Calabasas 

Our experience with PC Heaven was a good one. Our computer crashed and we were afraid we had lost important information. Brian came to the rescue.


 Mark McCoy, ‎Thousand Oaks 

We were referred to PC Heaven several years ago by a trusted friend & have been using them ever since! Brian works quickly yet explains what he is doing in terms that you can understand. He is always fair when it comes to the bill.It's like having a friend over to fix your computer. Having a father who is also a former Naval Submarine Officer, I can tell you that Brian's integrity is without question! Give them a call & I promise you will be the next one writing a 5 star review!


 Tom and Carole Marotto, Thousand Oaks‎

Naval Officer, Brian--thanks for the prompt and excellent service. Watching you work with three computers at the same time had both Carole and me in awe. Transfering information to the new computer was more complicated then what was explained by the local computer store that was trying to sell me the do it yourself kit. Glad I didn't bite. Would highly reccommend your services to even the advanced computer user.


 Gary Paticoff, Oak Park 

We've been using PC Heaven for over eight years and have been happy with their service from the get-go. Usually get a call half an hour before arriving letting me know they are on their way and they are always on time. All techs know their stuff for both our PCs and our Macs. There hasn't been an issue they can't resolve. Prices are very reasonable and have been the same for the past four years. It's nice to have a local company that's reliable and knowledgeable. Highly recommend PC Heaven.


 ‘Hockey Fan’, Calabasas

We were referred to Brian by a trusted friend several years ago and have been using him ever since! He responds right away and is always flexible to our ever changing schedule. I am quite the novice when it comes to computer operations and Brian is always patient and explains what he is doing as he is working through things (quickly, I might add!). Having a Naval Submarine Officer as a Dad, I can tell you that Brian's integrity is without question! I also like that he is a member of my community ( I have seen him at the grocery store, restaurants, etc.) We HIGHLY recommend PC HEAVEN!!!


 Reed Trueblood, Haynes Manuals, Newbury Park‎ 

Bleed Blue, I'm a believer! All the reviews on here are great and for good reason. Brian called back within 5 minutes and was to our workplace in less than an hour. He worked patiently to restore our internet connection and now not only is our internet working but it is more reliable than ever.  


 Kay Trietsch, Agoura Hills

As usual, Bryan came in with his usual "whip and chair" methods to vanquish my computer "demons". I've never been disappointed in the service from PC Heaven. From chaos to tranquility in my tiny office. Cyber-harmony has been restored once again, and there is Peace in the land. Professionalism and competence are hard to come by today, but PC Heaven fills the bill completely, NEVER disappoints!


 Carl Belknap, Thousand Oaks

We have used PC Heaven exclusively for several years. They have set up 2 desktops & 1 laptop for us & have come on service calls to speed up our computer or to fix some problem, which more often than not, was caused by us. They are almost always on time & provide us with professional service. We would highly recommend PC Heaven.


 Betty Quist, Oxnard 

PC Heaven answers your call right away. They come out quickly. Brian set up my new Notebook and came out quickly to get me back on the internet when I had a problem. He also answers my questions by phone which is very helpful. I would recommend them.


 Mike Bernstein, Thousand Oaks 

We have relied on PC Heaven to support our home office (relatively sophisticated) and personal computer and related needs for many, many years. Without exception, the assigned PC Heaven tech, be it Brian or one of his colleagues, completed the assignment and/or solved the problem effectively and efficiently. Equally important, the tech arrived promptly and comported himself in a professional manner. We can recommend PC Heaven very highly and without equivocation.


 Doug & Danielle Chiapuzio, Camarillo     

Honest and dependable service! PC Heaven is the only computer company we use due to the honest and dependable service we have received each time. Brian shows up on time, gets the job done quickly and accurately and has a lot of patience. If you have any questions even after the job is done, he responds to phone calls immediately and is happy to help.


 Ross Zeplen, Ventura 

PC Heaven was outstanding. Brian was able to solve all my networking problems with multiple operating systoms.They were refered to me by a friend who had nothing but great praise in her experience with them. They are now my go to computer specialists.


 Mat Kibel, Newbury Park ‎ 

You tried the rest now try the best. Brian is very reliable and prompt.i would highly reccommend pc heaven


 Linda Kuban, Agoura Hills‎ 

PC Heaven rocks They really do respond when they say they do! They are reliable and extremely professional! They know their stuff!


 Robin Thom, Calabasas 

PC Heaven is great!! They were on time and very professional. They handled me needs and the results are allowing me to get my work done.


 Roger Meyers, Westlake Village 

Used PC Heaven for years and have had results and satisfaction every time at a reasonable cost.


 Lynn J., Agoura Hills

I've used Brian for for my PC repairs for the the past three years. Every time I've called Brian for repairs, he's always prompt on returning my calls as well as service. There's never been a problem that he couldn't fix. Bran has always pointed me in the right direction for any problem that I've encountered so won't happen again. I recommend PC Heaven to anybody who wants prompt service for their PC repairs.


 Steve K., Thousand Oaks

WAY BEYOND THE REST Brian Whyte is a true customer service pro. We were hit by a new virus on Saturday around noon. Every other tech wanted twice as much and the appointment would be 3 to 7 days out. Brian was at our home on Sunday morning! Had our PC up and running in less than 2 hours. Very patient, great personality, offered suggestions to improve our PC experience. He will be the first one we call for any of our needs from now on!


 Doug G., Oak Park

We have been using PC Heaven for a couple year now. Brian answered every question we had including setting up PDF's, scanning, cleaning up our computer etc., and he even helped with my phone email! He is very patient and even put up with my rambunctious 2 year old and new puppy who wouldn't stop licking his feet. We will continue using PC Heaven for the years to come! Danielle C.


 James ‎P., Oxnard

So Happy A month ago Brian came out to work on our desk top. He handled that so fast he cleaned up two laptops for us (I wouldn't have imagined the difference in speed this would make). He also showed us the latest in protecting ourselves from infected email. I found Brian an easy person to work with.


 Glenn Sanders, Camarillo 

Prompt, Courteous Service Mr. Whyte arrived to his appointment promptly and was very courteous. My kids and grandkids had messed up my computer and given me Hotmail, which I did not like. I called Mr. Whyte to change things back to the way they were, and he did! I appreciated his kind and patient service with an old man. I would highly recommend him!


 ‘Stone’, Hidden Hills

Have used this service twice and they exceeded my expectations in all ways. Service on time, items explained and a great job. Highly reccommend PC Heaven. I have used other repair services in the past but will only use PC Heaven from now on.


 Glenda Grant, Calabasas

Long Term Relationship I have used PC Heaven for all of my computer needs - from installing new systems to everyday problems - for 7 years. That should tell all that needs to be told about how I feel about the quality of service received and the promptness with which my calls are returned. Hate computer problems but love having PC Heaven available when I need them.


 Jim B., Canoga Park

Dependable Service Save yourself some aggrivation and call PC Heaven. We have been customers for 4 years and have never been disappointed. They are timely, calling back the same day with service to follow in a day or two. Brian is honest and fair and most importantly extremely capable servicing all 4 of our computers including my teenage daughters'. Brian at PC Heaven is our go to computer guy.


 Woody K., Oak Park

Wow, these guys are Great! Setup 3 pc's, 2 laptops, 3 printers, all wireless. I've used PC HEAVEN for over 10 years and wouldn't use anyone else! To top it all off, the owner who comes out to your home or office is a real former U.S. Naval Submarine Officer Veteran! I highly recommend these guys, we had Steven come out last time, I can't say enough great things about them!


 Darrin F., Camarillo

When we call , PC Heaven is speedily there for us. Brian is very patient and very thorough. It is so comforting to know that when we need him he is there to RESCUE us from our computer problems. Thank you for the great service. Brian, you know when we need you, we will call PC Heaven!


 Sarah P., Agoura Hills

Outstanding Service We have used PC Heaven for (7) years never have been disappointed. Always one day service and what ever the problem Brian can handle it! We recommend highly, do yourself a favor and call them for your computor needs. Bobbie Andruss Office Manager Squire Construction Corporation


 Karen T., Calabasas

Brian was great. He has the patience of Job. He was professional and very nice. He worked fast and was able to fix all of my problems. I would recommend Brian to any of my friends.


 Kathy D., Simi Valley

Really Happy! I'm so happy with the work that PC Heaven & Chris performed on our computers over the years. They always call back in 5 minutes and come out the same day, not only to save the world, but they also show up early! I had a really bad Outlook problem that they fixed in less than 1 hour. Great Job! We definitely recommend them for any problem with your computers! A painless experience!


 Ken H., Thousand Oaks

Always Satisfied PC Heaven always comes through for our company when we have a problem. Omar really knows his stuff and generally shows up the same day and gets the job done quickly and effectively. PC Heaven is the only place I would ever call for my computer needs.


 Bill C., Moorpark

Amazing!!! PC Heaven is the only computer repair service I have used or would recommend. I have called them for every problem under the sun over the years and have never been disappointed. Brian's expertise is unmatchable. Furthermore, he strives to find a solution to the problem in the least amount of time, saving customers money. He also helps to educate those of us who are not computer-savvy, so that by the time he leaves, not only is your computer fixed, but it is in better shape than when it was brand new.


 Brent M., Oak Park

PC Heaven has once again surpassed my expectations. The owner of the company personally came to my home and set up 2 laptops and two printers. They work great. He also made my PC work virus free and greatly increased the efficiency. I would not use or recommend anyone else. PC Heaven is the way to go!!


 Steve S., Newbury Park

Super Knowledgeable! Brian did a really great job cleaning up the function of my computer. I went from a '72 Pinto to a 2010 ZO6. Can I say more? I highly recommned PC Heaven. You cannot go wrong. Simply, the best.


 Bob G., Camarillo

Excellent service! These guys are real pros. They call you right back, come when they say, don't add extra charges, and give you extra tips to keep your computer running better. I have been using them for 4 years and will keep using them.


 Cheryl Farrell, Thousand Oaks 

I greatly appreciate the prompt service by PC Heaven. My computer was infected with a virus on a Friday evening. With company office hours on Saturday starting at 7A, I was able to book an appointment by mid afternoon. It has all worked well ... again!


 Donald N., Agoura

Excellent installation of new computer, exchange of data from old computer. Used PC Heaven 4 times in last year with good results. Don


 Harmony Paticoff, Oak Park ‎

These guys are great! We've been using PC Heaven for about eight years. They are always prompt and get the job done. The techs are polite and knowledgeable about both PCs and Macs. When I call them, I get a call back within five minutes, ten at the very most. Prices are reasonable. Highly recommend PC Heaven :-)